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BELIFE or BELIEF is a collection of empowering stories for life transformation. In this book you will learn from real people, who share their life experiences and lessons, with the aim of helping you to navigate life in the world as we know it today, and so you can become the best version of yourself despite it. No matter what you have been through or what you are going through, with the right information and attitude, life can become so much more meaningful and enjoyable – even in the face of challenge. Each of the authors have embraced challenges of their own but all have gained a huge amount of valuable wisdom along the way, information that can help-you create the life you want and deserve. A must read for anyone who wants to excel and be empowered!

Donna Kennedy, Pat Slattery, Pete Lonton, Hugh Hegarty, Ken Falconer, Vivian McKinnon, Therese O’Connor, Patrick Dillon, Tanya Cannon, Karen Fleming, Anne Canavan, Joan McDaid, Heather Lundy, Christopher Wojnar, Sharon McNulty, Nadia Buju, Christine McGonagle, Ed Martin, Jackie Mallon, Veronica Bodano.

Foreword: John Boyle (Boyle Sports)


All pre-order profits go to charity.